Friday, August 27, 2010

Best Buddies

When we ride, it is an adventure.
Crackers, Mule Cookies, Water, camera [point and shoot], tripod [sometimes~little fold up one for P&S cameras].

We look at the sky and leave my watch behind.

Here Morris has decided that Badger and I should give him a lift...Badger ever patient, lets me toss him into the saddle and then climb back on board.
He's been doing this for years.
We ride the first valley again looking for interesting things and interesting lighting. Yesterday was a 'scout' day, today we will pause and take photos.

Morris will meander in the creek, while Badger stands watch...
Sometimes, I think HE is in charge of the camera and tripod [shot the day before he got his mane roached]...

We stopped under the 'Tree of Fingers' and had treats. Mule Cookie for Badger. Dog Cookie for Morris, crackers and cheese for me.
Both mule and dog like crackers too.
Then I set up and do some shots of the creek bed and the beautiful light on the rocks.
This place never seems to let me down. Always something gorgeous. daylight begins to fade in the woods, we head home.
Happy to be our trio of Me, Morris, and Badger.


Whiskyrider said...

Love the creek shot and Morris riding

Val said...

Thanks, I can always depend on Morris for comic relief!