Tuesday, August 03, 2010

3 nights, 3 mules...

Sunshine~~ Badger's little half sister...
She is 12 years old...been there...done most of ....that...

Then last night...Badger.
Bareback riding with him is relaxing, he just moseys along...
Quiet evening.
Birds singing the good night song...
Tractors in the field.
My farming neighbors finishing up the daily chores.

Then there is Siera.
I started her under saddle last year. She is coming along so nicely. I hate to say it but she is quickly becoming a 'favorite' of mine.
...and it isn't just because she is a bay mule either. She has so much good sense. She takes new things in stride as if she were an aged mule.

Tonight we followed a neighbor out of her field. Siera stepped out, following the tractor and the hay bine, as if it should belong to her.

I sat on Siera and talked with our neighbor as the hot August sun slowly fell into the western horizon.
Two dogs ran under Siera playing and growling.
A truck drove by.
Siera stood quietly looking around curiously.

My neighbor reached up and stroked Siera's nose.

*She is nice!*
A great compliment from a bonafide horse woman.

Siera and I headed towards home as dusk settled in. The dew was heavy on the grass as I put her back in with Sunshine and the gang.
Siera stood by the gate.
Sweat was dripping off the both of us.

She dropped her head back into the rope halter...as if to say...
*Don't forget about me.*

She stood and watched as I walked towards the house.
I am impressed by this young mule.
She speaks volumes without a word.

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mj said...

All three nights, all three mules, all seems good! So glad to hear that Badger was up for a little bareback riding!
BTW the photos and the dialog in your last few posts have been very nice. I have really enjoyed tagging along... Thanks for sharing a little bit of your world.