Saturday, August 07, 2010

Killer Soy Beans

Siera knew something that Owner did not...
Soy Beans can be very dangerous.

They just lie there and look green and innocent...

When under those faultless green leaves was a dark pitless underworld where 'nasties' lurked to attack young molly mules and drag them under [with said owner of course]. So, Siera stood diligent, not moving a hoof or muscle while Owner urged her quietly forward.

She was NOT to be swayed. She knew things that her owner did not. The 'nasties' of the Mule Underworld lurked beneath all that green~ness.
Her concern became even greater when her owner dismounted and tried to lead her into the Soy Bean field.
She know that Owner had good intentions, and just wanted her to put one hoof into the murky blackness under those leaves...
yet, her good common Mule Sense knew better.

Siera gently pulled Owner back out of the Soy Beans, fearing that Owner would get sucked down into nothing-ness.

Corn Fields were much much different.
She proved that to Owner by marching right into a row of corn and standing still.

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crazy mule lady said...

I know how those soy beans can be. Heck you just never know what could potentially be a molly mule eater.......good job Val.