Tuesday, May 20, 2008

'Shrooming with Mules

This is a spring ritual trying to find the tasty morel mushroom, as you can see they are not easy to spot in the mulch on the forest floor.
We hit the 'mother lode' yesterday while riding. We picked about 2lbs of mushrooms around a dead elm and a downed pine tree.

Badger was the honorary mushroom carrier. He is tall and used to plastic bags of 'stuff' hanging off from his saddle horn. Plus he is tall enough that the berry briars wouldn't tear the bag to pieces.

It began to rain on us while we were still a mile or so from home. We got wet, we got chilled, and we had the time of our life! Below a short Video of Sunshine the little mule showing off her wood's talents. This was not set up. I just sat on Badger and filmed.
She's a tough little cookie.
[Seems we found enough 'shrooms to share with someone special...S&S!]

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