Friday, May 23, 2008

Getting to be that time of year

Why do I look in the mirror and dismiss those laugh lines, creases...crinkles...and signs of age? Well, simple.
I don't want to look older, but the truth of it is. I am getting there.

52 years old is not old, but the grays in the hair, the wrinkles that I shrug off as 'laugh lines' and the crow's feet around the eyes [can my glasses hide them?] are all tell tale signs.
Gosh, I'm not as young as I used to be!

I had a doctor tell me that once. I wanted to slap her.
She said: *Well you know you are getting to be that age now.*

Exactly what is THAT age? I know, I know, there is no stopping our aging process. But I am content with being 52 [really sound like it don't I?]. After all, I wouldn't trade starting over for anything. Not unless I know all that I know now...

June 2nd I turn 52. Not a big deal, but that means I am early 50's! Eeeks!

My mind still thinks I'm a kid, and I am at heart.
As I've heard many people say, *Getting older sure does beat the alternative!*

Yeah, it does.

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