Monday, May 19, 2008

Monday, Monday

Our farm is taking shape now, we finally have some pasture back in the woods! Still so much to do after last year's storm.

We fenced off the yard and turned the mares into it. It had rained so much over the past few weeks that we couldn't mow.

Well that combined with the high price of fuel [read, gas prices SUCK], we thought we'd use some 'organic mowers'. Funny thing is,...they avoid the weeds, but gobble up the fresh spring dandelions.

After they have cropped it down and fertilized the yard well, we will drag it and mow the high spots. We will probably pull the fence off too as the grandkids are going to be here this weekend.

Things are falling into a routine, I am helping Rich with clean up work [gasp...he is cleaning the sheds!] At least once a week we are taking two mules out together to ride. I'm working on Badger for endurance and Sunshine for training. Both are coming along nicely.

Attached is a video of Thor being a silly goose and trying to show momma who is King of the pasture...that is, until she puts him into place.

I love watching animals!

3 comments: said...

Thank you for doing that. I just love that Thor and to see him growing up is fun. Looks like mom is weaning already. He's a beaut! Will you use him for breeding? His ears are spectacular.

Val said...

We'll either keep him or sell him the jury is still out. He is 'bred up' to some excellent donkey heritage.

Depends on the $ someone may offer.

I love his ears!

Rachel said...

Those are the biggest, most adorable ears I've EVER seen. :) I love your videos. They are precious. :)