Monday, May 26, 2008

Butt Bees?

Okay, here I am out in 450 acres of woods with just my mule and NOT a soul around...except the big buck that was laying in the tree top until we were almost on top of it...

I'm riding Badger along exercising him, and getting him in shape for his upcoming endurance ride.

My thoughts are wandering [don't they usually?]

I see the Maypoles are flowering, the wild geraniums are flowering, along with violets, and several other wildflowers. I am happy and content.


I have to well you know...
I had too much coffee before I left the house...

And well you know what happens...

So I hop off Badger and he drops his head to munch while I squat to take care of business. I'm squatted there and right in front of me is a beautiful sample of a Maypole flower combined with a wild geranium.

I reach into my left jacket pocket for the ever present itty bitty point and shoot camera. I figure on doing two things at once ...

I take a few photos, and drop the camera back into the pocket, when suddenly a VERY angry bee starts buzzing my head.

Uh oh.
The bee smacks my helmet.

[I'm not fond of bees]

The bee circles buzzing angrily ... I'm thinking...

*I'm caught with my pants down! I need to vacate this area!*


Ever see the bunny hop, shuffle, while avoiding sharp prickly things and an angry bee with riding tights around your ankles? Let's not forget to mention an amused mule who is not worried about an attacking MONSTER bee who I am pulling by the reins.


The mental picture?
Pretty ugly, eh?

But I am pretty talented.
Pants ON!

Remount...and off we go.

2 comments: said...

I laughed so hard I had know...that is sooo funny!!! Thanks for that great visual writing.

Val said...

Oh you are welcome...I thought you'd appreciate this???