Friday, May 30, 2008

Bad Dog


Bad doggy.

Only I'm sure he didn't think so. He has never wandered. Until the other was my fault really.
I was helping my hubby clean out the BIG water tank, scrapping and washing it. I always keep an eye on Morris and he always stays by me.
He hates electric fences, he has been zapped and it hurts.

So, I was on the other side of the fence and he sat watching me. After a while, I forgot about him and continued to clean sludge out of the big tank.

30 minutes later our neighbor's son comes wheeling down the driveway. I walk over to greet him...

He gets out of the car holding Morris, who is looking quite satisfied that he found a 'new friend' and a 'new' ride.
*Is this your dog?*

Yes. I glare at Morris who looks pleased with himself. Happy enough that he isn't really wanting to be handed over.

*He's so cute! I think he is adorable.* The young man says, petting Morris who is grinning happily with HIS new friend [who took him for a ride!]

*Mom said he was yours.*
I hear regret in his voice, maybe he liked Morris enough to keep him?

*He is mine, and I made a mistake by not keeping an eye on him, I'm sorry.* I say, taking Morris into my arms.
His tail stub is going 90 mph and he is looking at his new buddy.

*No problem,* says the young man, he gets back into the car and drives back up the hill, Morris?

I scold Morris. [Morris you bad dog, darn it you don't go visiting! Bad dog, bad dog.]
Morris looks at me and hears:

Morris blah blah blah blah blah.

He is happy.

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