Wednesday, May 14, 2008

It went like this..

Me: Do you want to go look for morel mushrooms?

Him: Yeah...later.

I watched as the sky darkened. I wanted to ride two mules on Sunday. Instead here I was fixin' fence and building fence...

Seems all that we've been doing since last August.

If I stretch another wire, it'll be one too many. Ok, perhaps not. We do need pasture for our animals.

Finally, he turned to me and said. 'Got my mule caught yet?'
Oh yes! We were riding and looking for the favorite thing to do!

Hmm, kill two birds with one stone. I needed to ride Sunshine and I needed to exercise Badger!
We caught up Badger and Sunshine.
This is how we hunt morel mushrooms in our part of the country.

[Sunshine is the little red mule]


1 comment: said...

Lovely! So nice to go on a "ride" with you both. You're getting better at this movie thing. Love it.