Friday, May 30, 2008

Morris's Rebuttal

It is pretty simple in my mind.

Most things are...I mean simple.
I am a dog. I am a faithful dog.
SHE went on the other side of the electric fence. A place I dare not go.
The thin little white cord stings something awful, it makes my mind go blank-er.

When SHE ignored me and got busy doing things to the tank that the big mules drink out of, I got bored sitting up by the house watching her.
[never know when those white cords will attack -- you know]

Then Mr. Farmer joined her and the both of them ignored me.
I couldn't help it, it is not my fault.
I followed my nose which led me down to the pony to see if he'd left any treats in the grass by where he is staked out.

Something interesting caught my eye a little further up the driveway. It needed my immediate attention!

I had to smell it and leave a mark.

Understand, this is a male dog's duty, his job, his reason for life,...
to search out objects to mark.
And I am good at it.

Onward up the hill...
so many smells
so little time to mark it all...

Quickly I found myself at the top of the hill.
And I smelled HER...
Big, yellow, and gorgeous ... a lab.

And then a young man, who was very willing to pet me!

SHE was SO happy to see me when I was dropped off back home.

That's my story, and I'm stickin' to it.

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