Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Donkey Riding...and such

She is the laziest donkey I've ever seen. Pushy as donkeys are but lazy too. I pulled her out of the pasture for transfer [to the meadow] and while my hubby was giving her daughter Niki her summer haircut, I saddled up Missy with my English saddle.

When we purchased Missy, she was supposed to be a riding donkey. Well in 'buyer beware' terms, that meant you could sit on her and direct her in a manner of speaking. When we got her home, we found that forward was not in her vocabulary unless she had some other equine with her.
Frustrated, I put her aside and let my husband breed her. Her daughter is nice. Pushy to be petted just like mom.

I'd ridden Missy bareback last Thursday and actually made some progress. She walked up the driveway. So was there hope yet?

As I saddled her up...she dropped her ears flat and began to 'mouth', then bray...then she squatted and ... well if you know what a mare does in heat...I don't need to tell you.

I scratched my head a bit. This could prove disastrous or interesting. I decided interesting and continued to saddle her. Missy was not a happy camper, her hormones were raging.

It took me quite a bit of coaxing with my hands and nudging...along with traveling backwards to get her going. Bob [our donkey stud] would bray...and all motion would stop while Missy dropped her head humped up her back and did her female thing.

I finally did get her out to the meadow and we actually got some smooth trotting in! She IS a nice ride!

But I believe I'm going to wait until she is out of her full blown hormone raging heat cycle to ride her again.

On a last note.
I did ride Sunshine, the little red mule solo into the woods last night.
She needs a touch more confidence, but in whole, she is ready for soloing....
What an awesome little mule.

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www.doitlikeawoman.com said...

I'm jealous. Okay...it's time to do some mule trading. Dinah is awfully perty and almost finished. She's a personality kid and strong. We have a mare in heat here too and with a gelding added to the mix poor Dinah is the odd equine out.