Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Invisible Woman

I work in Medical Records. Which means I take patient records in a cart around the clinic and drop off and pick up files and paperwork.

There is something very interesting about this job. Yes I like it, I have challenges each day of making records get from one place to another ...

But something very different I noticed yesterday is that I AM invisible! Not to the nurses or providers, but to the public.
While walking down the hallway with the cart yesterday, I saw some people I knew from the other office I worked in. I didn't stop to gab or say hello as I have a tight schedule.

Those familiar faces stared right past me, as if I didn't exist. Their eyes avoided mine. I was just a person pushing a cart.

Of course there are times when I am just a shadow that walks into an office to pick up paperwork and two doctors may be speaking. I don't listen to what they are saying and they don't acknowledge my presence. I am not there.

Other times I am one of the clinic's most wanted. That is when things can get hairy! They are looking for records, faxes, or some small piece of paper. That is when I am the most wanted.


I'm looking forward with getting up to the latest in Records and going all electronic.

1 comment: said...

You're not invisible you just aren't on the radar of patients who are distracted by their visit.
If you were to wear a weird hat and big floppy shoes you'd still only receive a cursory glance from almost anyone there. It's all about focus and the business at hand. This from a woman who's spent way too many hours in medical institutions.
You're certainly on the radar of the people that really matter so now get back to work and put more movies up on Youtube! You're our star!!