Saturday, May 31, 2008

I love my 'kid'

This is my 'kid' I am so proud of her and I probably don't even tell her that. She's always game for doing things with me...
If I want to go play in the woods, she's game.
Riding? She's game.

She's also the mom of two of the cutest grandkids I have.
Her heart?
It is huge...magnificently huge.

Here she was asking me how to put on Fred's bridle. I stepped over and dropped it on her head...and told her to let me take her picture.
[I also said I'd blog it!]

I really am one lucky 'evil stepmom'. I have one of the best 'kids' around. I tip my baseball cap to her...

and can't wait for her next visit.
Here's to yah, sweetie.

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Rachel said...

It's terrific that you have such a wonderful relationship with her. It's obvious that y'all have lots of fun. :)

I got lucky, too, with a wonderful MIL and I'm thankful for that every day.