Saturday, June 23, 2012

Shadowhouse Creations: Someone you should look at!

I've seen a trend lately that is quite creative.  People take their digital photos and 'texturize' them with things like the written word, grungy effects, cracked mud, whorls, canvas, and anything imaginable.

I thought I'd do an internet search on the 'how and why' this has become a 'fad' of sorts.  Surprise!  Nothing!
I'm sure textures and edits have been around since, well, forever.  So it is a pleasant surprise that I've started getting more interested in it.
I see many digital artists using and contributing incredible ways to add interesting effects to your digital photos.

There is Shadowhouse Creations, a blogger and a member of the Flickr community [SkeletalMess] that does some incredible work.
He has tutorials and samples of his textures here at Flickr and here at his website.  Don't forget to visit his tutorial Here.

These are some of my 'attempts' at textures and photos.  Some of the textures are those I created myself.  I photographed items like dirt, the cracks in a cow skull, and other bizarre things.
However, not just any photo will look good with a texture.  It takes a lot of time and experimentation.

 and then today's fun edit with Grunge Frames from Skeletal Mess downloaded from his Shadow House Creations site.

This was just a fun experiment.  
Happy Editing!

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jorge a b said...

Interesting site! It's very generous from you (and him) to share these things :D