Monday, June 04, 2012

"I love you Badger"

It isn't often that a relationship with a large equine comes along that is 'once in a lifetime'.  I think I was very lucky to have Badger find me so many years ago.  He was a big lanky ugly and gangly barely 3 year old mule that was too tall for me...and an unlikely match for me.
Somewhere in that first 3 months that we were together, he became an equine like no other I'd ever experienced.

The two of us became inseperable.  After riding and working with him for a year, it seemed that he could understand my very thoughts and intentions.
And Badger as always, is very gentle.
He loves children.  He is fine with adults as long as they don't ride him.  [I wonder if he thought I was a child all these years because I'm so small???]

I've had Badger since 1997.  In 2009 he became sick with Equine COPD.  I've been doing periodic updates on him since then.  

This weekend the grand kids visited and since they have grown up with Badger as their buddy, we got Badger out and dressed him up.  My grand daughter thought he would look pretty with ribbons and a necklace of beads.  We took photos [thank you Stephanie for doing so] knowing that this would be the last time that the kids saw Badger alive.

Badger has had life fade from his eyes.  He struggles daily just to stand and breathe.  He has let me know that it is time to move on across the Rainbow Bridge to the Merry Meadow.  One thing I do know about that, I am sad, but know that he will meet up with his once favorite dog, Xena and Cheyanne who eagerly await him on the other side.

Badger has given delight for more people than you can shake a stick at.

I leave this post with the simple words that Ariel uttered as she gave him a hug.

"I love you Badger"

Oh yes we do.


Rose said...

Such great pictures, Val. And such a wonderful relationship you had with Badger the years that you had him. Always so sad to let a friend/pet/companion go when it is time. I can share in your pain and send you warm thoughts Val. Remember the good times and all the outings you had together. So sad to let him go but you have all those memories to keep forever.
Sorry, the words aren't coming out well today.

Anonymous said...

Oh Val I am so sorry to hear about Badger, but be happy to that he came into your life and gave you so much pleasure love Sylvia

Lynxun said...

OMG I am so sorry Val I have been absent for so long on flickr You were one of the few that pulled me back in I am so so sorry for your loss (((hugs))) I am so glad I came back but so sad to hear of the big loss :(

The Three Muleteers said...

Oh Val I am so sorry. We are touched by the truly amazing so rarely in life but when we are we know it. Badger was an amazing companion and friend and I hope your memories will eventually shine stronger than your sorrow. Sending you and Badger our thoughts.

Anonymous said...

So Sorry Val...I kow this is tough and will leave a huge hole in your heart...but I also applaud you for doing what is right for your friend Badger...hugs to you...

Lori Skoog said...

sweet sorry.