Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Teslin~ the first day of my vacation

Mom and Dad which are human people dropped me off at the Grandma and Grandpa farm.  Grandpa and Grandma have many BIG scary animals, but Morris, my buddy lets me know which ones are dangerous and which ones are not.

The first day I was at the Farm, I was bummed.  Mom and Dad LEFT me.  Then I decided to wrestle with Morris and smush him into the carpet.  That helped me feel better.
At first I wouldn't eat at all.  The Grand's got pretty worried about that.
But as soon as I walked past Morris's bowl, [he eats other kinds of dog food]...I dove into his food and gobbled it up.  Grandma Val tried putting some of Morris's food on top of mine.
I carefully sorted out my food, leaving it on the floor, and ate the Morris food.

Morris came along and did the cleanup job.  So we have a routine.  I dribble food on the floor, Morris cleans it up and the Grand's are happy.

Grandma Val took us out to 'The Merry Meadow' so we could have some chasing time on Monday.  Wow, did we ever have fun!
I chased a rabbit and thought it went up a tree.
Then Morris called me a 'dummy' and city slicker, so I decided to chase him.
That was more satisfying!
Yeah, okay..IT looks like Morris is chasing me...I did chase him though!
Later we just ran and ran and ran, for the fun of it.

This country life is pretty good.  I love playing with Morris.
This morning I used him as a 'chew toy' and we rough-housed for a while.  
I missed Grandma Val cuz she went to work yesterday.  But she said something about heading back out to the woods and maybe the creek today.
I can't wait.
Livin' like a country dog is pretty nice.
[Yes Dad and Mom...I sorta kinda miss you guys too...sorta]

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The Three Muleteers said...

Teslin, it sounds like you're having the perfect vacation! Great pictures!