Saturday, June 16, 2012

Siera and me...


We are trying a slightly different bit on her...well, I am.  So last night we got saddled up and headed out to a couple of fields and a small pasture.
This way I could have her concentrate on what I was asking her with the reins and my legs.  I put her face to face with a fence and asked her to follow the rein that laid across her neck.
By golly she got it a few times!
Back up.
Turn right, turn left.
All pretty boring stuff, but until she gets is down pat, I consider her a 'green' mule.  We ended the session by going up on the ridge and walking along the freshly cut and baled hay fields.

She did very well there.  I think she is not a brush busting mule.  She seems to lose confidence when she cannot see through the thick underbrush.
That's okay too.
I'll see what we can work out together.
Last night's ride was very relaxing.
What can I say?  She is young and my times working with her have been sporadic at best.  But she is a quick learner.

On a side note.  Hubby grumbled something about 'not getting' to go for a ride 'whenever' he wanted....this grumbling came while he sat at his laptop I'd given him.
I cocked a brow and gestured towards the laptop.
He didn't get it.

I grab a moment whenever I can.  Mr. Grumpy Pants will have to join me... or grumble.

We ... Siera and I had a great great time!


The Three Muleteers said...

Siera is beautiful! Look forward to hearing more about her progress. Grabbing every free moment and going is so important, I know what you mean!

Reddunappy said...

She is a pretty girl!

Laptop, ride, laptop, ride, I know which one I would do!!! LOL

Val said...

Thanks so much she is a beauty and she is a pleasure to ride trails on...and yes, ... I pick the ride any day instead of the internet!