Friday, June 08, 2012

A Bad day of Fishin'...

Is better than a good day at work?
Well that is how the saying goes.

It was late afternoon and there was some other things we could be doing around the farm.  I looked at him and said.
He looked at me for a moment.
Then nodded.

We tried Jersey Valley which had just re-opened and found it crowded with teenagers and 'cruisers' with hotrods and music.  We grinned at each other, recalling what it was like when we were teens and the things we did on a beautiful summer night...the last day of school.

We left there and went to Runge Hollow
What a beautiful area.  
We fished by the dam and were joined later by some other folks, including some Amish.  We stood on the shore ... I think I was just feeding my nightcrawlers to the fish.  Those little blue gills would bite and nibble, and clean off my hook.
The company was pleasant, my hubby knew the other couple that came down the bank and the two guys chatted while the ladies concentrated on fishing.
The other couple caught a lot of fish.  I caught, well...
But it didn't really matter.
It was a pleasant way to spend the evening.  
They do say that a bad day of fishing is better than a good day at work.

I do agree.

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