Monday, June 18, 2012

Ninja Sneaky Dog ~by Teslin

I'm very very sneaky.  I'm the sneakiest dog in the world.
Grandpa doesn't think I should sleep on the bed with him and Grandma Val.

So I'd been waiting for the proper moment.
Like I said.
I'm sneaky.

Morris was sulking in his crate because the Grand's thought I should be able to wander around and be comfortable at night.  Morris usually gets free run of the house but ... after all, I AM the guest of honor!

About 3 AM, I padded quietly into the Grand's room.  The night air was chilly and I just knew knew knew...that it would be snuggly warm on THAT bed.
So in my best ninja dog effort I lept over the end of the bed and landed softly between the old folks.

How nice.
Soft cuddly and warm.
I slept there until the Grand's woke up.  Funny thing is, Gramps laughed about it and pet me.  I stayed on the bed after they got up.
It only took me a few days to start training these old folks.
Easy peasie.

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