Sunday, January 17, 2010

Vacuums by Morris

A house dog has a wonderful duty that many people do not understand.
Our duty is to deposit and carefully spread dog hair.
It is an art form.

Deposit hair on the couch. If it blends in with the couch, so much better. That way when your human sits there the hairs will cling to their rear ends.

I have a problem....
has been relentless with the vacuum lately.

I mean I work so hard to just get the hair in the proper places on rugs and then end of the couch where she puts a towel for me to lay on.
comes along and removes all those lovely Jack Russell hairs with that little vacuum and the big one.

Come on, I know she is not preparing the house for a 'shoot' for Better Homes & Gardens.

I thought
was going to vacuum me the other day.
How daring!

I'm sincerely hoping that this is just a phase that she is passing through.
In fact I'm pretty sure it is.

As soon as the weather gets really nice outside, she'll forget about dog hair and the vacuum cleaner.

I mean, I really hope so.
I dreamt the other night that
came and vacuumed all the hair off of me ... and I was left hairless.

It was a horrible nightmare.


Leigh Russell said...

What a nightmare! and very funny.

mj said...

Shades of our Maggie May. She has a great dislike for the vacuum cleaner also. As of late she has decided that if she huddles right behind me she'll be safe. Haven't figured if she's trying to be brave, or if she's just keeping me in between her and the dangerous dust sucker!
Hang in there Morris soon your troubles will cease ... the good riding weather will be back and that lady won't be spending as much time indoors with the vacuum. She'll be outside with you and Badger!

Elizabeth Mahlou said...

I have cats. Their job seems to be to spread cat hair. Seems to me that dogs and cats have something in common.

Val said...

yes they do...!

Morris actually does not fear the vacuum, he watches me with some sort of look of disdain on his face as if I am invading his territory.

What a character!

grandma Jeanie said...

My cat loves to vacuum, but my dog hates it.

HBFG said...

Awesome funny post! I can relate so well... we have dog hair everywhere too. But not as bad since Cleo doesn't really loose much hair. When Barry was still around it was necessary to vacuum every day.
Your Morris is so sweet!