Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Sneaky doodle out the door...

I had a list of *honey do's*...
Yup, I sure did.

And when the honey left, I grabbed my backpack, .22 pistol, camera stuff and ran off to the creek bottom for an hour of exploring.

Honey wouldn't get back at least for two hours, so I had plenty of time if I really hoofed it down through the woods and into the valley.

I hadn't been down in this area since before the DEEP freeze. The first photo is from a place that never has frozen that I can recall. The water runs pretty fast along this portion of the creek. I could hear it though under the ice as I tippy toed across it.
[Yep, I thought about hearing a *crack* and falling in...but, it didn't happen.]

Then I came to the most amazing spot. I've been here 100's of times but never seen it quite this way.
There is a spring that comes out of the hillside and flows rather quickly towards the creek. Because of the spring's warmth, everything had a layer of 'hoar' frost. This was at noon!

I could've spent a lot longer 'playing' in the creek bottom ... but decided an hour was all I had. I slung my camera backpack on and headed home.
Wishing I could have stayed.

And yessiree...I got my honey do's all done before the honey got home.


HBFG said...

Val, I so much love your header, those two Mules are so cute. They must be a good ride too!
Those creek pictures are great, natures creations are so much fun to explore.
I hope we'll get at least some sun today so I can get out with my camera, we got about 2 inches of snow yesterday... at the moment it's just grey and still kinda snowing.

Val said...

Wow...and thank you.
We are supposed to get 5-7" of the snow stuff tonight and tomorrow.
Of course this will be while I have to drive to work...

Love your photos btw!
Hope you get out!

mj said...

Simply beautiful Val and glad you took a little time away from your honey-do list. Quite invigorating!