Wednesday, January 06, 2010


I did it again.
Ran off into the woods.
I didn't mean to.

I just had to.

Morris came along this time. I knew where I wanted to go. Back to the spring that comes out of the hillside.

I got way sidetracked.
By some very incredible icicle formations that were coming out of the side of the steep stream bank.
However I did find some open water...but most of it had done a 'fast freeze' with the temps dropping so quickly last week and the past few days.

I promise to 'get at' those icicle photos I took today.
They are sitting in my camera...kinda quiet like.

I'm sorta afraid to insert the memory card into that itty bitty slot on my computer.
Stupid isn't it?

But I know if I open those photos and look at them, I'll be immersed in photography and forget the world around me.

The anticipation is literally killing me. I want SO badly just to toss all other duties aside and start working on them.
[I shot them in .RAW format, which needs a different process to handle] hand reaches over towards the Nikon D40...and withdraws...

Oh but the wait!

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grandma Jeanie said...

I always enjoy your photography.