Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Living Life on the Edge

How annoying to wake up in the morning and suddenly get 'sucked' into cleaning the house. I'm not talking about your ordinary vacuum, and quick mop up stuff.
But gettin' down and dirty cleaning.

This from the lady who thinks that a Spring Cleaning is when you wait for a blustery day and throw open the windows and let the wind take the dirt from the west side of the house out the east windows.

If you've ever seen my house [which most of you have not!] I have two little bedrooms which were my goals after the living room.
The beds are heavy. They are made out of metal. The one room is a mere closet. I pulled all sorts of things out from under the beds, sorted, tossed, and re-organized.

I fought Dust Bison under there [no such thing as a dust bunny here] was touch and go for a bit.

But looks like I came out the victor in this battle of yuck.
I moved the bed
You can only move the one bed a foot or so in each direction. Laying down with a small hand held vacuum is the only way to get all the way under the bed.

Armed with a bucket and a rag I attacked the walls.
Who put cobwebs up there?
And where do those things really come from?

I knew I could no longer use the excuse that Halloween was nearby so I could leave them up...


Probably some remodeling.
This consists of changing the shower curtains and changing the photos on the walls.
Do I live on the edge or what?


mj said...

Funny Val. I absolutely hate house cleaning ... but this seems to be the time of year when the colder weather keeps us indoors and sometimes we can't help but notice all those cobwebs! We are remodeling this old house. Every time we get a new room done ...I feel like it's just one more room to try to keep tidy ...yuck! Good thing that we are slow at remodeling!! Dust Bison, I'll have to remember that one...

Laura said...

My new excuse about the cobwebs "ah that's the spider sanctuary"!!!

Val said...

I love that Laura!