Wednesday, January 20, 2010

ijxdsysguard.exe (Trojan.FakeAlert)

A nasty thing happened to my husband last night. He opened up the laptop he uses [my old one] and a Windows Alert came up telling him that the computer was infected with a virus and to 'click here'....

in the Windows Security Center.

Annoying little 'bubbles' came up each time he tried to close it.
Then the IE would open and try and connect him to a porn site.

He called me and said that he shut down the computer and left it alone. This was a good thing he did.

When I got home I disconnected our wireless connection and opened up his computer.
I found this annoying program popping up and trying to connect to IE.

I don't have IE as my default internet browser.

When I clicked on properties, were 'unknown type of file'.
If I ignored the 'bubbles' ~~~ scary messages ~~ YOU are infected! ~~ type of stuff, they would fade away and come back.

Check my task manager!
I did.
Alt + Ctrl + Del.
A message came up saying the file was corrupted.

Pissed I held the buttons...
and my task manager opened up.

I found one item that didn't look right and it was the file name I included as the topic of this blog.
If you have an issue with this, open your task manager and look.
You will find it.
I was surprised that there is no info on this .exe on the internet that I could find.

I try to become familiar with the processes that run on my computer. I know, boring sure helped in this case.

I reconnected to the internet and...

I found the following link that discusses the Fake Windows Security Center.


I went into my Firefox browser and ignored the pop ups.

I downloaded from CNET a program called
Malwarebytes Anti Malware and followed the instructions from Malware.Org.
I cannot tell you how happy I was today to see this 'nasty' vanish!
Deleted...gone! How did it get on our laptop?
My guess was hubby opened a video that was on a message board [of hound dogs baying on a tree].
This is the only unusual thing he has done in the past 24 hours.

The video was on a respected site... but I think perhaps the malware was connected to the video.

This is a bad piece of news. So watch for it and read up on your Malware. I've been on line for many years and this is the first issue I've had to deal with like this.

Avast is what runs quietly all the time ... it has protected my computers from going on to sites that had Trojans and Malware in the past.
But it missed this puppy!

Have a good day!


  1. I recently had a similar experience and had to have my computer wizards over to fix it for a price of course.

  2. I'm no genius or wizard but I like to figure these things out...sort of like an evil puzzle.