Sunday, January 03, 2010


I was going through some old photos today while putting my Christmas stuff away. I found this photo of my boys with the neighbor children.

I believe this was when I was 'sitting' for the neighbor.
This is back in the days when imagination ruled!
A little lipstick, some rags, and some sticks made you into a warrior~or whatever you wanted to be.

I remember the world before Play Station, cellphones, Ipods, and Xboxes. This was the world where the kids were sent out to play.
And play they did.

The boys went to the 'junk yard'. It was about 1/2 mile through the field behind our house. Called the junk yard because it had been somebody's dump at one time or another.

I remember one of the boys got mad at the others. He stalked all the way to our house to 'tell on' the other boys.
I don't recall what the incident was, but it wasn't very serious.

I asked him if he really walked all the way back to tell me something I didn't want to hear.
He stammered and looked at his feet and then back towards the junk yard.

I waved him away with my hand and told him to settle it with the other boys, I wasn't to be bothered.

I watched him grimace, then turn and march back to the junk yard.

I had to hide a laugh. I figured by the time he got done with hiking nearly a mile just 'to tell on them', he'd be ready to play again.

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