Sunday, January 10, 2010

Storms and snow and bitter cold

I usually don't mind winter. It can be beautiful. And sometimes it can be just plain awful.

I worked 2 midnight shifts this past couple of days. Of course the first day we had a huge snow fall and then some pretty hard winds. I drove around snow drifts on the highway.

It wasn't really that bad, but tense enough when you didn't know what the next curve held in store for you...

This was the next morning, after the roads had been cleared.

Because of the weather, I left early in case the travel would be very difficult. As it was, I pulled over at the wayside. I thought it would be fun to take a 'timed' photo. It was fun to see the effects of the lights of vehicles going by.

I am easily entertained aren't I?

The roads were pretty good for my drive home, but the temps were -15 at the river. If I hadn't been so darned cold, I would have driven over to the boat landing and taken a photo of the 'steam' coming off the river.

As it was...I just drove home to crash and sleep the whole day away.


mj said...

And as each winter day gets a little longer, we can continue to look forward to spring. It's been cold here too. Stay warm.

grandma Jeanie said...

As usual your pictures are breathtaking. Our windchills this weekend were 35 to 45 degress below zero. Here in South Central Iowa