Thursday, July 31, 2008


This morning started like every other fine country morning. Run around in the dew and get our fur wet and me beat up Morris while the Grannma picked green beans in the garden.

I got Morris on his back a few times and made him squeak and growl. Such the inter-active toy that doesn't need batteries! He got up, smiling his JRT smile at me and we ran and played very hard.

Then we had to go and water the big animal type things. Morris kept hinting that I should NOT touch the white wire that was next to the water tank. In fact the Grannma yelled at me a few times for going under the wire.

What do the Grannma and Morris know anyway?
So I went back and forth under the wire while the Grannma stood holding the water hose into a big water tub. Morris wouldn't come with me, he looked very worried. I walked right up to the white wire and showed them!

I stuck my nose on it!

OHHHHHHH OUCHY! I yelped as something punched me in the nose and made my toes curl. I ran to the Grannma and put my feet on her. She cal
mly reached down and petted me, I even shook hands with her. I was so upset I didn't know what to do.
The Grannma tried to explain what an electric fence was but I only understand now what Morris was trying to say...don't go near the white wire, it bites!

I wouldn't get more than a foot away from the Grannma and Morris for the rest of the morning.

When the big thunderstorm came we went inside the house and my paw got stepped on by the Grannma when she was trying to hurry and shut windows. I yelped again.

I feel better now, I took a big nap on the couch and ate Morris's food. I hope we can go for a walk today and play some more in the yard. Morris felt really bad for me and stayed right beside me for the rest of the morning.

Life in the country is tough on a city dog.

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Rachel said...

Poor Teslin. At least you got a lot of good loving, even if you did have to learn your lesson the hard way!