Sunday, July 06, 2008

Saturday Nite Funnies

We live in probably the most exciting place on earth. Not much goes on around here, we can entertain ourselves pretty easily without television.

Some nights we just watch the mules play tag.

Some nights we listen to the crickets, or watch a beautiful sunset.

We've even been known to swat flies and see which one of us got the most. ...I usually don't win.

Then of course we have Morris.
Morris the entertainer.
Morris the comedian.
Morris the happy Jack Russell.

[who thinks he owns the bed in the spare bed room...he can be found there when he is tired in a 'nest' he's made for himself.]

So what did we do Saturday night?
We 'watched' Morris, our resident clown and entertainer.

You see living in Folsom can be exciting...

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