Monday, July 14, 2008

Travels With Morris

One of my all time favorite books off all time is John Steinbeck's, Travels with Charlie.

So Friday, I left Viroqua and headed towards Kenosha with my dog Morris. Hence~Travel's with Morris.

It was probably one of the most bizarre trips across the state of Wisconsin that I've ever taken.

Here is a link to some of what I saw driving through Spring Green, WI. Apparently the waters have not yet gone down from the floods in the begining of June. With more rains it has gotten worse not better.
Twice along Highway 14, I saw turtles leaving the newly flooded area and heading towards higher ground.

As I traveled out of Madison and towards Jefferson County, I was amazed again as I saw farming field--one after another--flooded. It seemed more as if I was driving through an area that resembled northern Wisconsin where ponds and swamps are common place alongside the road.

As I came out of Cambridge, WI, just outside Lake Ripley I saw a huge and magnificent turtle climbing up onto Highway 12. If I hadn't had traffic so close behind me, I would have pulled over and taken some photos. He was HUGE!

Today I am heading back across the state. I just clicked on the National Weather Service website and read that there are flood warnings again in my local area. The rains from Thursday and Friday night are causing flooding yet again.
I looked at the road closures and I can get home.

This will be an interesting trip back also.
More about my Kenosha weekend in my next post.

So today I understand the expression 'take the high road' much better!

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