Sunday, July 20, 2008

More on Berries

I think we are done picking now. Three days in a row and I've done a batch of freeze jam [delicious!], and enough for a batch of cooked jam!
As you can see I did this last picking with the aid of Badger, the wonder mule.

He was content to graze while I picked. Morris took refuge from the heat in the creek whenever possible. I used a coffee can with a string over my shoulder to pick into. It worked rather well.

The mule was invaluable in getting us from one berry patch to another. I may take one last shot tomorrow with the mule in hopes of finding some berry bushes that are not in the direct sun and are set back in the shade of the woods. The ones in the sun are just about done.

The heat, humidity, and the heavy dew make for a rather wet picking. If you wait until later in the day it is nearly intolerable with long sleeves and all the protective clothing you need to wear.

But having the mule along did make things much more fun. In fact I'm sure I've got enough to make some dandy jam!

If I can't find work right now, I may as well put my talents to good use and put food up the 'old fashioned' way.
Tuesday I will be harvesting my beets and freezing them to have this winter.

My hubby sure is surprised and enjoying IT!!!!

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