Friday, July 04, 2008

One Person One Mule Parade

So how many people make a parade? Good question.

I don't like parades, usually they are hot, noisy and very busy. Okay, I do admit I was IN 2 parades one 4th of July in Missouri. They were hot, humid, crazy, and noisy.

I announced to my dear hubby that I wanted to dress up Badger and go on a one person parade for the 4th of July.

He cocked one brow and nodded. He is a wonderful husband, he doesn't usually oppose my hair brained ideas unless they are possible cause for bodily harm.

So I braided ribbons and made a red, white, and blue beaded necklace for my mule the night before. I made sure I had snacks, and all the essentials packed....---read camera----and ready to go.

This morning I carefully brushed Badger and sprayed him for bugs. I even slathered his ears with Mentholatum® Ointment to protect those big ears from biting bugs. Yes it does work.

I decked him out in the finest flag blanket I had, donned my flag shirt, and off we went on our
One Person
One Mule

Along the way, I listened to the birds sing, the hoofbeats clip clop against the gravel, and admired the way the ribbons flitted in the light breeze from my mule's tail. I went 3 miles before I saw another human.
This person was driving a crop sprayer down a very narrow back road. I heard him coming long before we saw him and found a nice place to pull off to the side. Badger was more interested in eating than he was the MONSTER machinery. I've learned to settle in the saddle, breath deeply, and think calmly.

Yes it helps, Badger felt no danger from me tensing up, and was relaxed enough to give the crop sprayer a curious glance.
I waved and we went on.

The scenery was beautiful, the bugs--pretty darned horrendous.

I did stop at a lady's house and we talked for a while. She admired my one person parade and then picked some flowers to decorate Badger's bridle with.
She thought he might be embarrassed or not like it.

I laughed.
I told her that Badger was used to all of my silliness and didn't mind at all.
I had a great parade.
Even had a calf who thought about joining us.


  1. Anonymous12:09 PM

    You two look great. I admire you both so much. Badger is a beauty!