Monday, July 14, 2008

A visit to remember

First there was the half marathon race in which my son placed 3rd in his age easy feat. He also placed in the top ten overall.
The race morning began with horrible lightening and hard downpours of rain. We worried that it would be called off.
It wasn't and the rain let up in time for the racers to start in a light drizzle.

I of course brought my camera and was so excited to be there and cheer Ed on! The advantage was that he had multiple loops that lead him past us and we didn't have to chase him.

After the race we had a picnic in the back yard and lazed around while our dogs frolicked together. Again, I enjoyed this so much, it felt good to be with my son and his wife...and their friends.
Just kick back and relax. I liked worries.

In fact it was much like a vacation.
The next day we had brunch with some of Ed and Joy's friends they are a wonderful bunch of people.
We took a walk to Lake Michigan afterward and did some doggy dunkin'.
Doggy dunkin' is where you toss your dog into the lake and let them swim back. The dogs were hot, the lake water was cold...
They got cooled off.

When I got home I looked through my videos on my FlipVideo and found the dancing toes.

Hmmm. Dancing toes.
It was too cute to resist.

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