Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Hot and Humid

This morning is very warmy and sticky, the grass is wet and makes my fur damp. I chased Morris around the yard and then met a horse thing called Little Richard. Morris told me that Little Richard is a small pony and doesn't mind dogs.

I growled at him and then followed Morris up to the pony thing. He was pretty friendly and we got to smell his horse apples. The Grannma wouldn't let me eat them though...
She said *Yucky!*

She doesn't know very much. Morris and I may sneak out there later and catch a chew.

This morning I was sure I heard something 'dangerous' in the Grannma's flower garden next to the house.

Morris and I had to investigate. I don't know why he likes to put his nose up where he does. Morris is an odd dog.

But I guess I'll put up with him during my stay.

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