Monday, July 28, 2008

Teslin's Day

Teslin is my son and his wife's dog, who often comes to visit our place. It is the better alternative than spending time in a kennel.

This is Teslin's narrative...she is hijacking my blog for a few days....

Grannma is a nice people. She let me sleep in bed last night and I cuddled right up on her pillow. I think she is an okay human.

Our day was super hot, I spent the morning wrestling with Morris, it was fun, but we got pretty hot and went for a walk to 'chill' out.

Grannma put us inside for a while and made us take naps, but I decided I'd like to read instead. I found a really good book, it was very very strange. I think the Grannma person brought this from Big Berthy's house. I learned alot about human behavior.
It is very odd.
Tomorrow we should go rock climbing and play in the woods some. The Grannma person has to run errands and I'd like to ride along. If it is too hot I won't be able to.

Morris got sent to his crate to sleep and I am making sad eyes at the Grannma. I think she'll get the idea that I am a pooped out puppy.
Goodnight people.

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