Saturday, August 02, 2008

The Ride...

This is NOT a Teslin story!

This is about my awesome incredible wonderful
challenging ride today.
I did the 'Hazard Trail' in reverse today and did a bit more exploring.
I am one lucky gal to have such an awesome willing mule to ride.

Just click below and take a peek.

I'm getting all of the riding in I possibly can before I have surgery on my elbow.


Rachel said...

What fun! He is such a big, beautiful boy. :) I hate that you have to have another surgery. :(

Val said...

Thanks, me too! I'm wondering how much I'll be restricted THIS time!

niki said...

You go girl! BTW...I know you're currently unemployed and Rich needs your help but you can always come here to take a little vaca and recoup your surgery. I have plenty of room and a long eared animal. Morris can come too and play. OMG I wish we were neighbors!!