Thursday, August 08, 2019

Family Artist!

I visit my MIL about 3 times a week. I usually get there just as she is getting ready to eat her noon meal. This is her best time of the day. Mornings and noon are her alert times.

I've gone at 2pm and sat to talk with her and she generally falls asleep during the conversation. Last time we did that even Charlie couldn't keep her awake.

Anyway I noticed a painting on the side board and asked if the gals had been painting. Joyce at the end of the table said 'Why YES!' and she described her painting in detail and went on and on about the class.

I picked up the painting on the sideboard and asked who it belonged to.
MIL said it was hers. I noted the LE on it plus the numbers 8 and 2. I asked what they meant. August 2nd was the reply.

I asked MIL what was she going to do with it?

She waved her hand and then dove into her Mandarin oranges. "Nothing."
"Can I have it?" I asked.
She finished the oranges and pushed them away.
"It isn't anything special, it isn't even good."

I held it up and said. "It most certainly is! Look! It is a Swallowtail Butterfly on a Zinnia! Just like in my flower garden right now!"

"I'd like to hang it in my house," I told her, "I have the perfect spot for it."

MIL glanced at me and smiled a big smile. "Really?"
I knew from what she had hanging on her walls at her apartment and before that at her house, that this wasn't the sort of thing she would hang on her wall.

"Yes, really."

"You can have it then."

I showed it to Rich when I got home. He liked it too and said how special it was as his mom had done it.
I agreed. For sure it meant even more because his mom had made it.

I had no idea that my MIL could paint. Oh...I know they help them do this in class, but it sure will be a wonderful keepsake for us.

I will have to see if I can go with her to one of these classes if I ever get a free day from running Rich around to PT and appointments. is my art...
Digitally Painted which is much easier than real paint!


I can sort of do it too!

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