Sunday, August 04, 2019

Idle day

Rich didn't feel great in the morning, so I hung around close by. I told him that he had 'morning sickness'.
His eyes got wide and he gave me a strange look then said, "I'm not pregnant!" It got him to laugh and I like it when he laughs.
I explained that I thought he was allergic to mornings.

He doesn't like them. And Friday morning he said he just couldn't do Pulmonary Therapy and he went back to bed. Fighting with depression is tiring and we may be dipping or plateauing right now.
I do what I can.

So, Rabbit and Bear are on my mind again.

So are little things.
Bugs, flowers, seeds...and whatnot.
In our photography group we are playing a game of 'Guess What?'

We post a photo of something close up or a part of something and then take guesses as to what it is.

And I thought I'd pick some spices and sun dry them along with some sunflower heads...

I will open a jar of this thyme and oregano this winter....and smell summer!

Tomorrow is Sunday and I am going to take on some trails at Kickapoo Valley Reserve, that was the plan for Saturday. But since Rich didn't feel well in the morning [he feels better now], I thought I'd stay at home.

I helped the neighbors pick rocks out of the space they are creating to make a soccer practice area.

I took a walk and found Indian Pipes but didn't stay long in the woods. The mosquitoes were vicious.

And if I say they are bad, they are really bad.
I was severely disappointed in our mail system this afternoon. I'd been tracking my converted camera's progress back to me.
That was another reason I waited until Sunday to go to KVR.

My Infrared converted camera was to be returned today. I watched and waited for the postal carrier on the porch.
I checked my email and text messages at 4pm wondering where it was.

The tracking number revealed that the carrier tried to deliver it at 3:07pm but no one was there to sign for it.
This is the 3rd time this year that this carrier simply skips coming to the house. Twice with meds and now this.

I get excuses from the post master. She explained that the carrier had a problem with goats in the road. However she was still able to write a unable to deliver note and drop it in the box. Once it was a cow on the ridge.
I was nice to the post master and simply asked if the rural carrier knew she was in a Rural Area.

Goodness. The UPS guy never has any issues with deliveries. All Rich's overnighted meds now come by UPS as USPS is not very dependable.

I notified the local post office that I'd be in on Monday to get my package. I'm sure IF I let her try again, she'd leave another note.

Off I go with my Tremor Bright Green Helmet and speedy mountain bike for a new adventure.
Unless my bike spooks, I should be just fine.

Seriously, I can't wait!

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  1. Mail service sucks some days. I hope Rich perks up again....getting to Pulmonary Therapy is key to keeping him feeling as good as he can. I know it isn't easy. :(