Friday, August 30, 2019

Black and White and chasing light

I had about an hour to myself yesterday afternoon and I decided that since my arms still ached from using the dull scythe I would just take Charlie for a walk to check the mail and then take a side trip through the neighbor's woods.

I have a whetstone coming in the mail just to cure that dull implement!

I just took my converted Infrared camera with the filter that takes black and white images.
So what is so different with that filter? Green shows up as white in the 850nm spectrum of light and blue shows as black.

The late afternoon sun shone on the leaves making them bright. The clouds were dissipating and they too show up white. However the sky looks dark where the clouds are not drifting through.

Charlie shows up as a dark spot but he happened to walk into a little bit of sunshine. After getting the mail at the top of the hill we crossed over into the woods and followed the 4 wheeler trail back down.

In the heavy canopy of trees I had to hunt for sunlight shining through. I liked the pattern of leaf shadows on the tree trunk.

This is probably one of my favorite shots. A green mossy rock clump with a sunlit edge. The green adds some whiteness to the shot and the sun highlights the edges of the mossy rock.
I could do this better I think if I used a different aperture than what I did. But I was experimenting and learning.
This just gives me an excuse to go out and try this again!

I wanted to 'find' a trail that would be highlighted by green leaves. I found
this deer trail by following Charlie and ducking through low branches.
This is close to what I wanted to accomplish in my mind, but I'd like
to find a longer single track trail that curved.

I tried to 'shoot' both ways... and ...

I sort of like the appearance of the dirt track between the undergrowth.

I'll be doing more of this for a bit until I understand what is the best light and way to photograph with this light spectrum.

I have read the hints and tutorials, but nothing is more informative than going out and practicing, making mistakes, and making discoveries.


  1. That last one is great, I also like the shadow of the leaves on the tree! Have fun!

    1. Thanks, it was a lot of fun looking for particular lighting. The leaves and shadows are enchanting! And a trail is always more interesting too.