Sunday, August 18, 2019

Plant ID

I wish I were better at identifying plants/shrubs/small trees.

I lack the knowledge of how to identify plants/shrubs like the following.

The colors of the leaves are stunning as are the clusters of red berries.

I found these at the Kickapoo Valley reserve while biking the old 131 Trail. It was between the pond with the observation area with a dock and the mucky green gooey pond on the west side of 131.

At first I thought this was the same plant and after I got home I realized the leaves were very different. This too has evaded my identification.

Both plants were tall. Perhaps they were shrubs.

Whatever they were, they were exotic in color compared to the chokecherries and other plants.

Anyone have any ideas?


  1. I wish I could help. They are beautiful plants whatever they are. :)

  2. First one is a highbush cranberry

    Second one is a little too generic for me to figure out

    1. Chokecherry perhaps? I will have to look at the bush/tree itself more closely.


  3. I agree the first on is Highbush Cranberry you could make jelly or a sauce:0 The second is difficult to identify. The berries have not ripened, I think they will be dark purple, and since they are flat topped groups of berries and the leaf is kinda the right shape I will guess Common Elderberry. Stemlets are much of those factors point to Common Elderberry. (Leaves should be compound with five to ten leaflets and grow opposite on the stem. broadly oval on both ends and toothed. End of Hort lecture:)

    1. They are too large to be elderberries and the clumps aren't quite right. Our elderberries are already dark purple. But I will be back since I know exactly where they are and do a photo with the cell phone and use a google app called plant id? I don't know. I'll keep trying! Thanks!