Sunday, May 13, 2018

Well maybe... by Charlie

I don't have a problem coming to Her when called at all.

She just has to learn how to do it properly.

This morning She had to go out at the beginning of the day and she decided to take me along as I was getting into trouble.
She was upset because I had just killed the Hedgehog with the cap by ripping its back end out, and then I put a hole in my little bed and started to eat the stuffing.

And She said I'd been dragging the Limey Hedgehog into the boot tray and got it full of mud. 
Big Sighs. I think She was ex-has-er-parated with me.

The Dexter Cattle were mooing like crazy. She had moved them from the winter pasture to the mule winter pasture. She said something about moving them to the Forest Pasture in a day after they settled down.

So out we went. She couldn't find my cord but thought it would be just fine.

It was foggy and rainy and the yard was wet.  But She said it was very pretty and she had that camera thing out.

I wasn't impressed, I had trails to find and deer pellets to look out for.

She was looking at tree stuff.

I don't care for tree stuff because I am interested in Ground Stuff.

Like deer poop.
And She thinks it is gross. Dixie says She used to yell at The Morris Dog and holler 'Icky Icky'. Well, She still does. I'm getting the idea that She doesn't think I should nibble on deer poop.

So we are working on something where I am supposed to go to Her when She calls my name.

"Charlie! Come" 
My response is, "Let me think about it."

"Charlie! Come Here!" 
Much more serious sounding. 
My response is, "Well, maybe."

Ohhh, just my name. 
My response. "Maybe later!"

And then I hear, "Charl---lie. Come. Now."
And I also hear the rustle of the treat bag.
Finally! She is understanding motivation!

I only get a tiny bit of treat and the rest of the walk I do actually come when called. Mostly.

Well, maybe She will eventually learn.
One can hope, right?


  1. Oh Charlie...just the first time and you should go to her and get a will get it right sooner or later:)

  2. :) Charlie is charming in his own way which makes him very special!