Wednesday, May 02, 2018

It's all about Training.

I am getting this. Really I am!
She gets out the tiny black cord and attaches it to my collar. I run to the door and stare up at her.
It is Adventure Time!

If She walks towards Dixie's house, I run ahead and Dixie starts to bark. It means the both of us are going on Adventure! I like having Dixie along except when Dixie steps on me.

She mostly takes us to the creek bottom when we are together. I don't get the reason. She said something once about me learning to stay near her and the tall banks of the creek would keep me 'in' her ... eyesight.

I can't climb the tall banks like Dixie can. It must be the curse of the short legs. I mean come on. Short legs in the creek really can be a curse if one doesn't want to get wet!

How mean of Her and Dixie to walk across the creek and leave me on the other side! How rotten! How terrible! 

Dixie came back across several times as I cried in protest.

Dixie assured me that I would not drown and that it was a piece of cake. 

Just follow her, she said, just follow my footsteps Charlie!


Right, well that worked! NOT!

Does no one get it that my legs are so short? I know I have great power and stamina and can dig like no one's business, but come on!

She finally took us onto some forest trails so she could find some spring plants. She knelt down and took some photos. She had to yell at Dixie because as soon as She was laying on the ground Dixie came and stood on the plant She was trying to photograph.
I stood on her back.

There is an advantage to weighing only 7 pounds as compared to 60 because She didn't call me any names at all!

I must be making progress, She took the cord off and left it off because I was coming properly when She called.

I look forward to our daily hikes and walks. Perhaps I can train Her to start picking me up and carrying me over the creek. 
It is worth a try.

I believe it is only fitting for such a noble little dog like myself to have a minion I can order around.

Maybe She is trainable. 
Dixie said no. 
I think otherwise.

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  1. Short legs are good for swimming Charlie:) SHE tooks some great spring photos! :)