Monday, May 21, 2018


Here is what the 'porch' sort of looked like just before they put the concrete in. After the remodel, we had to add dirt around the fresh concrete.
It has settled down after two years and I've been nagging my husband to please get dirt with the skid steer.

So I did what any good nagging wife would do. I dropped it.
And I started to go get dirt by myself.

It was very hard work, but yesterday was nice and cool. I figured it would be a good day to move dirt.

Nagged Husband noticed the wheelbarrow and Wife hauling small loads of dirt back and forth while he and Neighbor Guy visited and discussed the garden tiller.
Neighbor Guy said he'd tune up the tiller for Nagged Husband if he could use it on his own garden as Neighbor Guys' Wife was Nagging him about...the Garden.

Well it worked! Nagged Husband went out into the winter pasture and started to bring in dirt and dump it.

Well many loads later, the nagging Wife had her work cut out for her. Nagged Husband helped for a bit and then went inside.

The nagging Wife worked and worked and worked with a shovel and a rake. And she got most of the work done and some seeds planted. After all, why waste all of that dirt to grass at least for the first summer???

By late evening the nagging Wife finished everything but the west side of the house.

If it doesn't pour rain today, nagging Wife will put some grass seed around on the dirt and some flower seed on the west side.

Neighbor Guy returned the tuned up Tiller. Neighbor Guy's Wife was now happy. Nagging Wife was happy. Nagged Husband and Neighbor Guy smiled because they knew they did the mechanical work...however.
Now the Nagging Women would do the dirt work!

And so it goes.


  1. You need a skid steer lesson...I bet you can find a you tube to watch! A shovel and wheelbarrow is hard work. It looks good ...we did something similar to a house once, I ended up putting sod over the dirt:)

  2. It's almost as if Nagging Wife and Neighbor's Naggine Wife "colluded," and got what they needed! lol

    (Way to go, ladies!)