Tuesday, May 15, 2018


I pop awake around 4 am when it starts to get a bit light outside. By 5 am I am wide awake and it is Charlie time. We run through our morning routine, but this week it has been different.

I realize that mornings are all mine for a bit. If there is left over coffee I heat that up and have some while I feed Charlie and have him do his morning business.

Then I make a pot. I look at Charlie and he looks at me. I pick up his little cord and glance out the window. The temperatures are decent, the grass is soaking wet...
we seem to decide together that we should take a morning walk through the meadow and enjoy some quiet moments.

This morning was quite different. We had the fog, but the sun shone through it turning it a brilliant orange/yellow color for a bit.

I even found some spider webs!

I didn't have a proper lens or set up for a 'great' shot, but there it was! A magical web glistening in the morning fog and dew!

There it is, the Meadow in its morning glory with fog moving over the ground and the heavy dew reflecting light.
The wild apple trees are coming into blossom and soon the meadow will be buzzing with bees and full of sweet smells.

We spent about 20 minutes just wandering around looking at the leaves, the trees, the grasses and the dew.

And Charlie came on the first 'whistle' I gave him.

On the run he came, the dew drops flying and his little bells jingling.

We walked back to the house in the morning sunlight together and ... well.
It was awesome.

The coffee was done brewing when we came in the house.
Charlie needed a towel to get him partially dried off.

But our early morning had been like a secret that we shared together as best friends.

Dogs, Sunrise, Fog, and Dew.
Birdsong and Sunlight.
What better things can their be in life?

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