Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Flowers and Mules

Here is some of the fencing after I have spent hours cleaning weeds from below it. The three lines keep the small Dexter cattle from climbing under the fence. I think I could modify this, but right now I won't make adjustments.
I will have to resort to some 'brush' spray as the berry briers and multiflora rose bushes insist on growing into the electric lines.

I did a section and quit. I can only do so much per day. I have to go deeper into the woods and repair a rather large section. But not until I finish what is already set up. The new/old section is above the creek, I have to take down the line and then put up new wire and in spots move the posts.

After supper I grabbed another mule, Mica, and we went for a cruise.

I am taking each of the riders out for their Spring time tune up. Memorial weekend will arrive and the grands will want to go riding. I want to make sure all riding mules are ready and willing.

Mica found Blood Roots!
Who says you can't take a decent shot with a point and shoot pocket camera???

I rode Sunshine the day before. She was in a major need of a mane trim.

Both mules didn't really need any tuning up at all. They both did exactly what as asked of them and did it willingly.

I sure do love our mules.

And that is that.


  1. You have Dutchmans Britches!! We don't have any in this pretty! Nice your critters are good to go! :)

  2. Well it depends on the area of sunshine and soil but I am lucky we found them and so many! I am heading out with a mule as my 4 wheeler to find some more today.