Thursday, May 03, 2018

After the Rains

After the rain yesterday morning, I walked out with Charlie onto the wet grass and surveyed the damage to the driveway. More wash outs.

Mental note. If Rich doesn't call Jeff in the next few days, I will stop by or call his farm and ask him to stop by. For some reason Rich has put off calling Jeff for months. Jeff was the fellow who reconstructed our driveway in 2007 and then also made us a ridge road through the woods with his bulldozer.

The fog was eerie yet beautiful. Droplets of water were still hanging on everything.

I don't think Charlie was impressed much. He sniffed around in the wet grass and did dog business.

I went back to the house before the rest of the farm woke up and to get the laundry out of the dryer and fold it. I had bed sheets to change and a huge load to fold.
I knew we'd had about 3 inches of hard rain and that should have caused a minor flash flood in the creek.
After chores I wanted to explore, so I packed my sling camera bag with items I thought I'd need.
Just for fun I added two Morel Mushroom Candles so I could play a photo trick on everyone.

It actually worked. I did state on Facebook, that the Morels were not real, but the amount of people that didn't realize that was amazing.
I even titled it 'Deception of Candles' and added the character 'Creepy Baby' next to the one candle.

I have to admit, they look like the real deal unless you notice the wicks.

I did get to hike through the creek and wished I had been there when the water was high. That would have been before dawn though.
The water was still running off the hillsides and into the creek creating a muddy look with little bubbles floating on the surface.

I experimenting with some short-long exposures and found that a 4 second exposure gave streaks to the bubbles.

The sun came out and exposures got a bit trickier. So I dug around in my pack and pulled out the Infared Filter.

It didn't change the first photo much, but the second photo did as it should. Greens turned white.

These two shots were my favorites of the day.

My whole intention on going out was to see if any of the wild flowers were appearing because of the rain.
I was not disappointed.

I didn't find blood roots, but I did find what we call Spring Beauties or sometimes just Pinks.

And on the south banks of the creek, the Maidenhair Ferns were curling upwards.

Rich wasn't having a good day, so the rest of the day was spent near the house. I dug hostas out from around the pines where I am going to bury Morris. Charlie helped me and we have a lot more work to do to make things just right.

I cleaned around the east flower garden and quit about 5pm. Charlie was dirty from helping me and my poor hands hurt like the dickens.
It was a fairly good day.
Rich felt better by chore time and the thunderstorms moved back in.

Off to the VA for appointments today...

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