Friday, May 04, 2018

Goodbye Morris.

Here is Charlie helping me, sort of. He is actually just playing in the yard and amusing himself while I dig out the hostas from around the pine trees in the yard.

Those hostas needed thinning a few years ago. Yesterday afternoon was when I decided to do it.
Well, there is a reason behind it.
Morris left us in February and I couldn't bury him. I know. It sounds disgusting and strange, but there you go. We froze him.

Morris always without fail ran to these two trees and peed on the hostas or the tree itself every single morning and night. It simply was his personal place.

I wanted to spruce up that section of yard anyway. I was tired of the same old thing year after year. The hostas look great in the spring and so tired and crummy by late summer. Perhaps a nice hosta and two colors of impatiens would look good.

There was several minutes of crushing heart ache as I placed Morris in the ground. I held his head and cried like a baby, wailing just loud enough to make Charlie cry. It is with the final act of kindness and deepest love that I placed him in his favorite spot.
I'll never quite get over Morris. I never have gotten over the other pet losses I've had over the years. Each dog has always take a special part of my heart with them.

Goodbye buddy, I hope to see you on the other side.

I hope you found Badger and the two of you are reunited.


  1. I understand. I have never gotten over our pets deaths either. There are few options for a much loved dog who dies in the winter. We dug a hole for Chance a number of years ago and have the buckets of dirt in the old greenhouse. You do what you have to do...I am a firm believer that it will be a wonderful reunion someday...cause if my dogs and cats are not there I am not going :) Sending you a hug!

  2. Once again, you have me in tears. I feel your pain and have been there so many times. It's a perfect spot for Morris and Charlie knew just what you were going through. Peace.