Monday, April 16, 2018

Let it snow and storm

Charlie had to get out and play in the snow yesterday. Dixie walked or trotted and Charlie had to leap and hop to keep up with her. 
Some people think I should just let Charlie be a house baby, but I say let him be a dog. After all, he is a dog and enjoys fresh air and lots of exercise just like any canine.

See that black spot? That is Charlie very early taking a potty pass. I had to put boots on and make a trail for him. After that, he was not fazed by the snow for his bathroom breaks. He uses the path.

When he and Dixie where playing though, it was a different story, he plowed through the snow and had to stop and rest often. He did get cold after a bit and asked for a lift.

After lunch I decided to take a hike. I normally hike every day and have been tied up with MIL issues. Rich settled in for an afternoon nap and I gathered my things and set off to explore the freak snow storm.
It was going to be a 'no dog' hike.

The flash flooding, heavy rains, and sleet increased the flow of the creek again. I was happy to see the water level back up.

I stood quietly above the creek and watched a coyote walk through the bottom, he/she seemed as if they hadn't a care in the world. I was pleased that it had snowed or I would have missed the coyote otherwise because it is so well camouflaged.

I got into the creek bottom and away from the frigid winds. One of the first surprises I encountered was the reformation of ice along side one sandstone wall.

It made perfect sense, but not for April. The excess water was still dripping off from the hillsides into the creek but since it was so cold, it was freezing.
When I got up close to grab a shot of the old maiden hair fern frozen inside of the icicles a gust of wind blew through...

I noticed another thing that made this snow trip so unusual.

Everywhere there were little birds.
I actually got about two half way decent shots of them.

Someone said this may be a Brown Creeper. I'm going to call it a Little Pretty Delicate Bird. I'm not sure as the photo is not that great and the little bird blends in so well.

I caught this bird in flight! I have no idea what it was either, but birds where everywhere.

The robins seemed to be the least shy of them all.

I learned that 'birding' is sort of fun.

I walked the creek upstream to follow the coyote. It was interesting to see who else had been along the creek after the storm.

I enhanced the details here so the evidence of a coyote and a small deer can be seen in the snow. Both sets of tracks wandered up the deer trail and into the woods.

I spent a long time watching the snow fall and listening to the water run over the rocks. Winter would be a long time coming again.

I liked the white mounds of boulders with the creek wandering through them. And the trees above were reflected beautifully in the waters.

The creek was a winter wonderland for me.

Part of the reason I do so love winter and snow.

After the snow melts I will miss it. But I will also welcome the change of seasons.

I am looking forward to leeks, bloodroot, morel mushrooms, and all of the woodland wildflowers that will start to appear like madness in the next few weeks.


  1. Why would people think you should just keep your Charlie in the house? That is the dumbest idea I ever heard! Every hike should be a dog hike! Dogs make everything more fun!

  2. Charlie should be outside for exercise and stimulation! Lovely snow photos:)

  3. I'm sure Charlie will have a very active life with you and Dixie. As for this weather....I have reached my capacity! We have had too much snow this April and now we are getting flooded from the rain. What a mess!

  4. I agree that Charlie needs as much of a normal doggy life as can be. His doxxie breed was meant for digging and hunting and he shows a great tenacity and determination in that respect. Being with Dixie is a big bonus, he loves romping with her and when he is worn out, he is smart enough to ask for a 'lift'
    He is much happier after having daily romps!

  5. We believe they should change the winter season months. It never snows in December anymore. Charlie is having a blast at least. Thanks for sharing the photos of Charlie and the beautiful hike you took. Have a great day.
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