Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Starry Night

On our drive back from canoeing Miss Lily fell asleep in the car. I suggested she take a nap before we try riding our mules.
She slept until nearly 8pm. Wow, she was tired! We ate supper and made out her school list of supplies so we could go shopping to get them this afternoon. 
We sat at the table after eating and played word games and spelling games. Gramps went to bed and Lily wanted to look at the stars. We took the smartie-phone out and used the Google Skymap to find Mars, Venus, Jupiter, and a couple of constellations.
I had set a rug down on the concrete floor of the porch. Lily, Morris, and I had pillows and a blanket. We snuggled down on top of the rug and talked about stars and...stuff. Nothing important stuff, just stuff.
Lily wanted to see the Milky Way appear so we got quiet and waited for the moon to set.
Lily gasped in delight as we saw a shooting star. And cooed in delight as the Milky Way indeed began to appear after the moon had set.
An owl called. Another answered. The mules snorted in the pasture. A coyote barked in the distance.
Soon we were sound asleep. The dog, the kid, and the old lady.
I woke her up as this old body can't sleep on concrete too long before it gets a bit uncomfortable.
And that was our Starry Night Adventure.

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Older and wiser said...

That's a night to remember forever! You are blessed!