Monday, August 08, 2016

To There and Back

Since Lily was here and the good neighbors thought that it would be fun to hike and have a picnic yesterday, we thought we'd go to Wyalusing State Park and have some fun.

I've read nothing but rave reviews about the park and what nice trails they had. This was especially true because our neighbors have three children. Ages 7, 5, and not quite 3 years old.

We packed a lunch and headed to the park.
When we got out of the van we were inundated with mosquitoes.

I got out the natural 'skeeter' bug juice and liberally applied it to everyone. We then started off along the Bluff trail to look at the incredible scenic outlooks.

Lily took some of the best shots hands down. I lent her my FinePixFujiFilm camera and she worked wonders with it.
This is a zoom of the train crossing the confluence of the Wisconsin River and the Mississippi River.

The scenery was incredible. We went to another outlook and of course took more photos.

We explored the Treasure Cave and survived the incredibly steep stairs and decided to continue to explore.

We ended up taking what we thought would be a trail that circled back and did a nice little loop.

Being an adventurous bunch, we went on despite the annoying mosquitoes.

As we went down off from the bluffs we crossed back and forth over wash outs from the heavy rains that this area about 60 miles south of our homes. We'd had perhaps an inch and a half.
I think I recall this area getting about 4 inches.

We went on bravely.

Pretty soon it became evident that we had taken the low trail. The trail that ran along backwater and a fairly swampy area.
At this point we just quit taking photos. 

It became a matter of survival and not being consumed by 'skeeters' who attacked us in hordes.

Everyone was a trooper.
Lauren got ahead of us with the older crew and Justin and I walked with Logan. The plan was to keep everyone moving as fast as possible.
I must say that Logan was a real little hero. He trucked along at a pace I never thought a little one could go. When he started wearing out Dad picked him up and carried him.

We were on the Immigrant Trail which ran along a flooded area that was thick with backwater. Eventually we became separated as Lauren and the older kids walked faster.

The toughest part was the Old Wagon Trail. The trail had a steep incline to get back to the parking area.

But we made it. We all survived. When we got back together we immediately voted to get out of the park, come back after the first frost, or when it wasn't so wet, and enjoy some of the other trails.

We hiked approximately 5.2 miles.

Would we do it again? Oh yes!

We drove north past Prairie Du Chien and pulled off at a boat landing and stopped for a picnic.

NO Bugs!

And the river was beautiful as well as the clouds.

We stopped at Gordon's Bay Rd. across from Falling Rock Bar on Highway 35.

And then we had a wonderful picnic.

And all was good.

Lily rode Fred last night and after we get back from doing the Kickapoo today, we'll ride again.Lily

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Lori Skoog said...

A beautiful park indeed. Lilly is just like you with that camera...such fun for you to be together.