Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Shorter days make me feel like

I am ... some how running against the clock.
In my mind I know it is just Fall approaching.

Heck it isn't officially fall until September 22nd. Yet, I watch the sun go down earlier each day and the sun come up later and 

I worry.

What have I not done? Where has time run off to?

I didn't get in that hike I wanted to do. I didn't ride Siera as much as I wanted. 

Then I stop and realize all of the things that we have done this summer.

Remodeled the house. Well we are still working on that.
Ariel came and spent a week and we went canoeing and she learned to ride Fred.

Lily came and spent a few days. We shopped, she rode Fred, we went hiking and canoeing.

I was busy every day with the house remodel. No time to realize that time was slipping by.

Yet I feel anxious somehow every year around now and I don't really know why.

It can't be because winter is coming. I like winter, I like snow and the stark beauty of winter. Things seem more relaxed during the winter.

Perhaps I just need a day to go and take a nice long hike in nature and step away for a bit from the rush of things.

Trying to juggle shift work with canning garden produce, and remodeling and all at the same time may be a bit pressing.

A day to myself is what I'd like. Perhaps I can find one of those soon.

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